Who We Are

HotVideoWebsites.com is an online website design and creation firm that is also a partner in the Sitetrekker.com Social-Economic Group Network. Sitetrekker.com is the vertically integrated umbrella for the in-house partners like HotvideoWebsites.com with their own specific area of expertise that form the Sitetrekker.com Group. The global mission of Stetrekker.com is “trekking the globe’s sites and places to make life better”.


The Hot Video Websites Admin Team

From Left To Right:

Humph Schriek – The Go To Guy

Ron Anderson- The PR Guy

Scott Sponsler – The Tech Guy

Rafael Ruiz Jr. – The Marketing Guy

There are extremes with moderation. There is disciplined compassion. There is unstructured professionalism. All these describe the cultural traits of the personalities that operate and manage HotVideoWebsites.com. Throw in the opposites of a little creative eccentricity and a lot of crazy humor, and you have the making of a promising and talented online website graphic design provider. These highly charged polarized emotions spawn a dynamic work place with a high level of energy, where creativity, self expression, and self confidence are cultivated. This “mode of operandi” keeps everyone inspired, motivated, and professionally challenged. Our personal growth oriented work environment ensures that our online social advertising and economic marketing strategies are effective and successful. It is a win-win proposition for both us and for our customers, and friends as we pitch in to help everyone achieve their socio-economic goals.

Our online website development and design services are the best they can be in conjunction with satisfying our customers requirements! In addition we inclusively provide the powerful video product and services promotions, and video marketing strategies to optimize a customer’s online website exposure. We feel that as you get to know us, you will find us to be considerate, and compassionate professionals, who always have their customers best interest at heart! At the end of the day When all is said and done, the online website products, and complimentary services we offer, are better that the day before. We make sure they are because we take pride in what we do!

Our administrative offices were in the renowned landmark Granada building in historic downtown Ontario in the state of California near the old trail of Route 66. The Granada building was built in 1925, and houses the infamous Granada movie theatre, where several early Vaudeville film stars, and comedians honed their acting and comedy skills. Names like Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor, Buster Keaton, Bop Hope, and Lucille Ball. Ontario was conveniently the half way point from Hollywood, and pitstop exodus to Palm Springs on Beale Road to be later known as Route 66. There are ghost tales and official paranormal documentaries that the Granada is also haunted. So far our ghostly friends have pretty much left us alone to conduct our earthly business. Which is perfectly fine with us! To continue our online journey we have recently moved to our new offices at 124 E. F. Street, Suite 4, Ontario CA. 91764 USA.